Games I've Worked On

Here now is a list of all the projects I have written for, edited, consulted on or otherwise had a hand in. This list is updated frequently.

Work For Evil Hat Productions

Role Playing Games

Dresden Files Roleplaying Game: The Paranet Papers (coming 2013)

Board Games

Race to Adventure Board Game 

FATE CORE product line (available 2013-2014)

Magic Toolkit (Rob Donoghue)
Tower of the Serpents (Brennan Taylor)
Wild Blue (Brian Engard)
Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie (Clark Valentine)
No Exit (Shoshana Kessock)
The Ellis Affair (Lisa Steele)
Fight Fire (Jason Morningstar)
Timeworks (Mark Diaz Truman)
Crimeworld (John Rogers)

Work For Pelgrane Press

Night's Black Agents
Night's Black Agents: Double Tap (coming 2013-2014)

Other Games

Project Ninja Panda Taco (Jenn Steen)
Revelations (Alex Waegel and Jamie Spencer)
Magicians (Kyle Simon)
Becoming (Brian Engard) (coming 2013-2014)

Hyperreality (Tim Rodriguez)

Phoenix Outlaw Productions

Wanderlust (Shoshana Kessock) (coming 2013-2014)
Dreamdiver  (Josh Harrison) (coming 2013-2014)
Unofficial Dresden Files LARP (also System Developer)
Unofficial BSG LARP (also System Developer)

Margaret Weis Productions

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Civil War
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying X-Men
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Annihilation Wave

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