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The Writer Next Door (that's me) is not only a full-service consultation, advisement and mentoring business, but also provides an array of personal and professional services aimed at improving your manuscript, script or business.

Consultation Services                                     ($200)
  • Book Diagnostics - After a providing a short writing sample, receive a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of writing strengths and weaknesses, allowing a writer to target areas for improvement more directly as well as accentuate existing strengths.
  • Game Diagnostics - Receive comprehensive analysis and advice to target flaws in a game at any level: in text, in mechanics or in marketing. Learn to correct errors and address problems before they bloom into issues. Build a better game through simple consultation and effective techniques.
Manuscript & Draft Services         ($.05 - $.35/word, depending)
  • Copy, Line and Substantive Editing - Three tiers of editing designed to develop, mature and evolve your manuscript for publication.
  • Instruction and advice on topics such as syntax, grammar, character development, plot structure and theme.
Book & Game Marketing Services         ($150 - $750+, depending)
  • Once the manuscript is complete, learn the ins and outs of marketing and all the steps necessary for publication (either in the traditional or newer digital formats), everything from query letters to book proposals to marketing plans.
  • Once the game is written, learn the next steps (layout, play-testing, review, etc) toward getting that game out to customers.
Start-up Consultation Services                                     ($250)
    • Help get your business (whatever it might be) off the ground. Marketing, SEO, business strategy for the first 3, 6, 9 months, and a few contacts to get you started. 
    Speaking, Workshops & Seminars        (variable)
    • Do you have a writing group, book club, English class, or other collection of writers and content creators? Whether a single client or a group (up to 30), you can learn tips and techniques to improve your writing and editing from an experienced professional writer and editor with 18 years of experience. 

    To receive more information about rates, packages and services, or to book an appointment for a  consultation, contact me at thewriternextdoor@gmail.com

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