Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So, you want to write a book?

Hello! It's been a while hasn't it?

I'm glad to see you again, or if we've never met, hello, it's a pleasure to meet you.

What I'm doing here, what I want to be doing here, what I plan to do here as consistently as possible, is to talk about writing, publishing, the world of books and marketing and sprinkle in plenty of tangents about my life, nerdy things and random articles that make me think.

First and foremost, we're here to talk about writing.

I'm assuming that at some point, you've seen writing. You've read a book or two. Maybe you've considered trying it. Maybe you have tried it.

Maybe it's just something you dabble in when the house is quiet and you don't have anything else distracting you.

Maybe you're doing everything possible to make a living out of it.

Whatever the case, you can be better at it. And no, it shouldn't take a great deal of expense or aggravation to make you better it. This is putting words on paper after all, and not launching a probe to Venus or sending a kid off to university.

So here I am, here to help, here to walk you through getting better at writing, here to pull back the curtain occasionally and show you that writing's boogeymen (boogey-people?) aren't all that scary and that you can in fact get very good at this, if you work hard.

I'm The Writer Next Door.

Let's get started.