Monday, November 14, 2011


I read this on Chuck Wendig's blog. And it made me....angry.

Not because I agree with one side over the other, but because I don't think there are sides. I know people have taken sides, saying that their e-publication genitals are of superior size, girth and amazement because their path towards publication is on the yellow brick, orange brick or whatever-color-brick road.

None of this matters. Not to the consumers. Not to whatever fanbase you have (or want to build).

How someone produces their work is less important than the very binary condition of - Do I have a product available for others or not?

I'm not sure why this question doesn't come up more - I suspect it's because people find it too elementary, or too great a simplification, that somehow minimizes whatever they've done as hard work. It doesn't actually minimize the work, but people think it does.

Here's my thought, which doesn't really count as a "side" in this argument.

Isn't the point of publication (in any form) to get your story out to people who want to purchase and enjoy it?

Writers, regardless of their path towards publication, are pioneers, blazing an Oregon-esque Trail towards their own success conditions.

Don't argue about how you got on the path, WALK THE PATH. BLAZE THE TRAIL.

Be your own writing pioneer.