Monday, July 16, 2012

Breaking FATE - Walter White

I was recently challenged to design Breaking Bad's characters via Fate, Cortex-Plus and/or Gumshoe. What follows under the "Breaking FATE" tag are my efforts to do so.

Here is Walter White, done in Fate:

Walter White
High Concept: Family Man turned Emperor
Trouble: A Man’s Pride

I will support my family
I’m the one who knocks
I will get what I want, one way or another
Let nothing stand in my way
Pride In One’s Work
Living a double life

Alertness Fair (+2)
Athletics Average (+1)
Contacts Fair (+2)
Conviction Superb (+5)
Science Great (+4)
Scholarship Great (+4)
Intimidation Good (+3)
Guns Average (+1)
Resources Good (+3)
Rapport Fair (+2)
Fists Average (+1)

The Blue Meth (either notoriety or actual science)
Oh Shit! Gains +2 to Alertness when rolling against surprise

4’s across the Board

Admittedly, I'm not happy with this, and it's by NO MEANS FINAL, I'm just putting my ideas out there.

Granted too, I bent the rules a little. I listed only the skills I could document (so it's not a full-pyramid), and they're only the skills that come up in play.

And I suck at Stunts. Although I'm trying to get better.