Friday, July 27, 2012

GenCon Schedule

This is the first year I'll be attending GenCon. For years, it was an event that seemed to happen a world away that I'd never have the means or the reason to actually attend - it was more about wishing and opining for "one day" to come so that some future version of me would be there.

Well, I guess the future is now, because in 19 days (at least according to the countdown timer on the website as I write this post) I'll be there. So let's go through my schedule, day by day.


The Diana Jones Awards - I'm going to this. I don't know what it is or how this works, but apparently this not a black-tie sort of event.


Okay, before I get into the schedule, I have to throw a flag on the play. I was NOT pleased with the seminar selection for Writing. I'm a little biased, sure, as seminars about writing are one of my sources of income, but I was really disappointed in both the segmentation of the process (one whole panel about plot, one whole panel on characters), as well as this weird assumption I've seen crop up lately that you're either a total rookie when it comes to writing or you're currently cranking out your thirtieth novel.

There does exist a middle of the road, and there is a better way to do things - which is why Thursday is going to be John's Bootleg Seminar Day. Bootleg because it's not an official thing you sign up for, and it'll be very much like the informal seminars I give at DexCon, Dreamation and Metatopia (in other words, awesome). While I still have to sort out the details (like time and place), you can get in the loop on this by following me on Twitter, and sending me an email.

There's also the GenCon Social. Admittedly, I haven't really been paying attention when Jenn has been talking about this, but it sounds kinda like you put gamers and food in a room and then they hang out. Usually I just call that "work". Or "what I do at conventions". It'll be cool either way.


[SEM1238034 Editing and Indie Games] I edit indie games. And any chance I can hang out with other editors, it's nice.

[SEM1238035 12 for '12: Writing A Dozen Novels In A Year] Because...c'mon, it's Matt Forbeck. Also, I promised him I'd go.

[SEM1237839 The Inner-Demons And the Tribe: Dealing with Depression As A Gamer]  I am a gamer with depression. A panel like this sounds actually helpful, especially with the treatment I'm going through now.

[SEM1238038 Freelancing In The Game Industry] Because I freelance in the game industry. For other thoughts about freelancing, you should track down Brian Engard's podcasts on Jennisodes and Dice Food Lodging. And then you should follow him on Twitter and tell him his voice may or may not sound annoying. You know, if you have nothing else to do. Or just want to make his Twitter follower number rise so his OCD kicks in. (I am a weird friend.)

Friday night is also when the ENnies are awarded. I'm going, because I voted for stuff, and because my way awesome friends are nominated.


[SEM1238042 Doing Kickstarter Right] Because Kickstarter is a thing I use, something that my clients use and crowd-funding should be talked about often.

[SEM1234371 Investigative RPGs and the GUMSHOE System] This is basically my chance to hear Ken and Robin pick on Simon in person. Also, GUMSHOE is awesome, and I promised Ken earlier this month I'd be there.
* Also, I bought Beth Lewis a cupcake.

[SEM1238046 Getting the Most Out Of Working With Editors] Because I'm an editor, and people should come meet me so that they can see editors aren't the boogeyman of publishing anything.

My apologies for not knowing when these awards things are happening - I'm a little too fussy about time and have elected to just let the people around me prod me about them. I have enough things in my head at the moment, so I'm trusting other people to get me to where I need to be, whenever I need to be there.

There's a LOT of downtime in this schedule, and I plan on making frequent ventures out to whatever Halls and Game Areas there are. So if you're coming to GenCon and want to say hello, please do so.

Enjoy your weekend.