Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Pay What You Want Workshop Series #1 - Characters

It's time. I'm excited to announce...

The Pay What You Want Workshop Series

Oh yes, it's a thing, I'm doing it, it's going to be great.

Workshop #1 deals with characters - what makes them good, what makes them bad, how to fix them, and what compromises memorable ones.

Here are the crunchy details:

1. The Workshop is on Tuesday March 19 at 7pm EST. It'll be about two hours - an hour or so of presentation, and time after that for questions and answers. Note: this is exactly the same format for my in-person Workshops.

2. The Workshop will be held via a Google+ Hangout. (Here is the link to say you're coming.)

3. Since I had a rather hard time (much harder than I expected) developed/discovering a good registration system - I wanted there to be a mailing list, tickets and pre-registration and either the individual costs were high or I couldn't get one element to play nice with the others - there will be a 'Limited' circle on Google+ for registration. As these things get rolling, and as I discover other methods for prepping online classes, I'll transition to something else.

That's it. On Tuesday the 19th, you just need to sign into Google Plus ( and if you've pre-registered (there will be a message thread on Google+ to do so), you'll get a link to the Hangout for the Workshop.

Here are the Payment details:

1. Before, during and after the Workshop, you Paypal (again, if there's another method, I'm open to suggestions) me whatever amount you see fit. I'll give you the Paypal address when you register for the Workshop.

I've tried to make this a pretty transparent and easy process (I have spared you the lengthy complaining about getting Eventbrite or DoAttend to cooperate), but if you have questions, write me an email.

See you all on the 19th.