Tuesday, July 23, 2013


For a long time, I always talked about doing big things, taking risks and really putting myself out there. And then I'd chicken out.

I had excuses, some convenient, some irrational.

But there are no more excuses, no more chickening out. Time to run towards the scary, right?

So here I am announcing ...

On August 3rd 

at 7pm

in Room 4D at 440 Studios

I am giving a 2-HOUR writing workshop

Bring your questions, get some answers. Any questions. Seriously. Let's talk about your book, your script, your worries about query letters, how to build an audience, whatever is on your mind, at least as it pertains to creating things.

Topics I'm covering over the course of 2 HOURS:

  • Writer's Block
  • Plot Organizing
  • Character Creation
  • Effective Marketing As A Creator
  • Making Time To Write
  • and anything else YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT ... 
And what does this cost you? Ready for this? You get a 2-HOUR workshop for $35 (with about 2 dollars in fees, plan accordingly)

Want tickets? Get your spot now! 

I so look forward to seeing you there.

Happy writing. 

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