Thursday, November 10, 2011

Metatopia, Part 2

I have some more thoughts on Metatopia.

Attending as a non-primary-gamer (that's my term, it means that gaming isn't my bread-and-butter career path, passion or money maker), really gave me the ability to see holes and opportunities, places where in non-gaming contexts the void is already full. Like what you ask? Like these:

  • Marketing - Yes, I was part of a totally amazing marketing panel (led by Josh Seideman, who totally knows what he's talking about, and you really should be following him on Twitter if you're not already. And while his presentation was good, it honestly wasn't anything I haven't already done or heard about -- which is to be expected, part of my business involves marketing strategies.

    But in a gaming context, marketing seemed to be somewhat of a mythical activity, something shrouded in confusion and spoken about with a lot of "Uhhs" and "Ums".

    And here lies the opportunity.

    I make marketing easy. I mean it is easy already, but how I teach authors to market is simple, effective and in the words of one guy "surprisingly fun". So consider this my note to talk about marketing strategies across all my social networks.
  • Presentation Skills - How many great presentations did I see? At least a dozen. How many presentations could have been made great by simple tips? Bazillions. I know, it's scary and tough to stand/sit in front of a room and hold court, especially if you're talking about something that's been your creative baby for a long time and this is the first time you're bringing it out for humans to consume. Good for you for doing that. That's step 1. Step 2 is, "Kick ass with it."

    So consider this my note to the universe that I'm sneaking in some presentation tips into my next workshops.
  • Where were the ladies? Yes I met some fantastic women (Jenn, Terry and Shoshanna immediately spring to mind) And surprisingly women made up a decent percentage of the people attending, but this wasn't really lady-friendly. Now maybe that's the community, maybe that's got something to do with either the perceived or real awkwardness some people have around lady-people (I know, they have cooties, right?), but I think if the community as a whole was a little more pro-fem (not like I'm-going-to-hack-off-your-dangling-oppressive-genitals pro-fem, I mean more like "Girls-are-welcome-in-our-clubhouse"), the number of potential consumers and contributors goes up, and everyone wins.
What blew my mind is that game designers are just like writers and I could/can/did slot myself in and among them the same ways. There is somewhat of a myth that gamers are mega-nerds and entirely insular, but on the whole, I found these people to be among the nicest humans I've ever spent time with, and certainly some of the smartest.

So, to the game people reading this, so many of you have my business card. Flip it over and take a look at the back.

Find this line: Creative and Professional Solutions for Any Situation

I mean it. Much like Vanilla Ice - if you have a problem, yo, I'll solve it. (And yes, word to your mother.)

Another post shall later this afternoon.....and I'll talk about the magic that is the conversation with a writer.