Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Metatopia was AWESOME!

My Metatopia experience was amazing beyond words, and it set a ridiculously high bar for all future conventions. The fact that I had less than a ten-minute commute to the hotel every day meant I could go home, and decompress and organize all the information I received over the weekend. It also meant I was able to shower and sleep in comfortable privacy, which is a double awesome bonus.

My presentation: Editing and Writing Workshop (For Game Designers) was EXACTLY the sort of presentation I've always wanted to give, and I could not have asked for a more attentive and receptive audience. My unabridged notes are available, (just email me) Granted, this workshop took place at midnight, and came after eight hours of other wonderful workshops by some real rpg powerhouses (Kenneth Hite, Fred Hicks, Rob Donoghue, Brennan Taylor among them), but my adrenalin was pumping and I was eager to do what I do (make writing and editing way less scary and impossible for people) to a whole new audience.

Things I will do differently going forward:
  • Pictures! Normally, I hate photos, because I feel like they rarely make me look good. The camera doesn't add ten pounds, it adds ten metric tons. But photos of the seminar room, of my audience, of me overdressed for my crowd (gamers aren't really shirt-tucked-in-people) I think would totally help portray the awesomeness.
  • Not carry around a heavy messenger bag full of things I don't use. In my bag I had half a dozen legal pads, a bag of dice, a box of pens, a box of pencils, three mini steno pads, my Ipod and two thousand business cards. This weekend I used 1 legal pad, a pencil and my Ipod for about ten minutes. I don't actually need to carry around an office supply store.
  • Relax sooner! On Friday I was nervous. This was my first convention, it was with people who I consider to be at the top of their game (nerd pun!), and I wanted to make sure I came across intelligently, accurately and passionately. Judging by the feedback I got and the amazing consequences of the weekend (more on that when I'm able to discuss them, but this would be a GREAT time to start following me on Twitter if you haven't already), the people I talked to and with, I did all that, but there was ZERO reason to be nervous. Everyone was super nice and really intrigued about what I do and they made me feel very welcome in their typical insular and slightly xenophobic community. 
Will I do other conventions? YES. Absolutely.

This deserves more coverage. A second Metatopia (metatopic?) post will follow.