Friday, November 4, 2011


Metatopia is this weekend. For those unaware, Metatopia is a convention (called a 'con') all about independent game playing and creating. And when I say "game" I mean it in the nerdiest of contexts -- role-playing games.

I've played, written, edited and been around gaming in a professional context for years. And I've been around gaming in a personal context even longer (more than half my life ago...and still playing.)

But I've never been to this convention. I've always wanted to be at this convention, I've often said "One day I'll be the kind of guy who goes to these things"...well, I'm working on becoming the kind of guy who actually *does* things rather than *saying* he'll do things. Yay self-improvement!

While I cannot promise regular over-the-weekend updates (but if you follow me on Twitter, you never know), I will do my best to detail my experience on Monday, the day I shall rename "The Day I'm Going to Attempt to Catch Up On My Sleep".

Enjoy your weekend.