Friday, June 21, 2013

DexCon 2013 Schedule

So, it's convention season, which is AWESOME because it's a chance for me to travel and see my friends and spend dedicated time playing games, talking games and enjoying games.

Yes, you can make an argument that I do that all the time anyway, but at least I get to travel to new places to do it. That makes it pretty cool.

First on the circuit is DexCon, July 3 - 7 in Morristown. Yes, that's just down the road from me. Yes, I still count that as travel.

This year is my most ambitious DexCon to date. When I sketched this all out in February, I had no idea that July would arrive so quickly. Here now is what I'm doing and where I'll be hanging out.


LARP BAZAAR 10p - 2a

From what I gather, this is basically me and my friends hanging out around a table, and people come by and I get to talk to them about the systems I developed for the THREE (yes 3) LARPS I'm associated with. I have no idea what to expect, I don't know if it will actually go until 2am, but it starts late, so at least I can get some dinner.


(There is a big opening on Thursday, so I'll likely use it to finalize, print out and prep things for the craziness of the coming days. Also, it's 4th of July, so you know, hang out time anyway)

State of Gaming 2p - 4p

When Ken Hite speaks, I listen. And not just because he's my friend or because we work together from time to time. I like Ken's panels. They're fun. Also, this doesn't start until the afternoon, so anything needing more than Thursday prep can get it in the morning. 

BSG LARP 6p- 12a

Okay, so this is the first "signature event" I'm associated with. I wrote the system for the Battlestar Galactica LARP, I cobbled together the character sheet and I'm really proud of both. Here's to hoping that the tale of ship looking to rejoin the fleet and avoid Cylon-ic death is an interesting one. Also, I get to watch my friends 
act like military commanders, so that's pretty awesome. 

Night's Black Agents Tournament  10a - 6p

Right, so here's my Saturday. It's the second "signature event" I'm associated with. The plus side is that I get to hang out with my friends and run one of my favorite games. Round 1 of the tournament is a LARP, while Round 2 is a more conventional Tabletop experience. I've written all new, never before seen (but yes, they've been tested), LARP rules to emulate GUMSHOE games, and I think I've really done well. Also the tabletop round has some great adventures. 

I mean, you get to be superspies and fight vampires. Who wouldn't want to spend a Saturday doing that?

Please also note the two hour break where I get to quickly eat something. Please note that this will likely be the second meal of my day, so if you see me Saturday PLEASE ask me if I've eaten, and if I'm doing okay. PLEASE. No, I'm not kidding, there's no sarcasm here. Because even at 6pm after 6 hours of high intensity walking, gaming, speaking and organizing, my day is half done. 

The Unofficial Dresden Files LARP: FINAL FROST 8p - 2a

Check this out. This is a Dresden Files LARP that owes its mechanics to Fate Core (and to a lesser extent Fate Accelerated). I am super ridiculously proud of the system and story I was a part of creating. This event in particular is a big deal, because it's the culmination of a few previous conventions' plot. Basically, this is where shit is going to hit many fans of many sizes. I cannot wait to see how the players react. 

Writing Workshop 10a - 12p

As per usual, my Writing Workshop is on Sunday morning. Please note that it follows on the heels of what will be the longest work day I've had in MONTHS, and I will very likely be tired and hoarse, but dammit, I will talk about writing and editing and attendees will get their questions answered. 

I expect to sleep for the rest of Sunday and most of the Monday thereafter. 

So, are you coming to DexCon? Are you coming to any event I'm doing? You want to go get an empanada when I'm not running around like a maniac? Leave a comment or two and let's see if we can make some plans. 

See you then. 

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