Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I made a video!

I have been, in some way, shape or form, talking about doing a video series about writing for a long time. And often, this was just a lot of talk, a lot of hot air that I thought people wanted to hear so that they'd be happy or like me, that I was just never really going to follow through because following-through would be done in the future, and that's like ages ahead of wherever I was in that particular present.

In doing that, in being afraid, in being too scared to try because I was afraid to fail, I didn't do what I wanted to do. I talked a good game, but acted a rather poor one. And it cost me so dearly, more even than I'm comfortable sharing. It hurts. But this hurt is a chance for growth, if I take it. If I run towards the scary thing and not away.

So this is me, running towards. This is me growing. This is me not letting the scary things win.

Earlier tonight (although it'll be last night by the time this posts), I held a Google+ Hangout, and talked for 90 minutes about all kinds of writing things, and thinking things. I had a really good time. And I don't think I failed. In fact, I want to do another one tomorrow night, although likely with an earlier start time. But that's something you can find out if you're following me on Google Plus

I loved doing it. I want to get better at doing it. I want to do more.

There will be another tomorrow/tonight (Wednesday night). Stay tuned for details. 

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